custom duckboard rail Gold Coast

A duckboard rail is a necessary element to the majority of boats. We can manufacture a custom duckboard rail that incorporates a range of features or attachments to help make your boat exactly what you want it to be.

What is a Duckboard Rail?

Duckboard rails are stainless steel or aluminium rails which are attached to the top of the rear of the boat (the stern) and often extend partially along the sides of the boat.

The primary purpose of a Duckboard rail is a grab rail and to prevent people going overboard. It is particularly important if you have kids.

Apart from the safety factor, our custom duckboard rails also look great and can be fitted with a range of extras, such as –
Bait boards,
Fishing rod holders,
Outboard brackets,
Gas bottle holders, and
much more

Aluminium Duckboard Rail vs Stainless Steel Duckboard Rail

We can build and weld Duckboard rails from either aluminium or stainless steel, the main differences are –

  • Stainless steel is stronger, lasts longer and most people think it looks better,
  • Aluminium is lighter and cheaper.

If there is likely to be a heavy load on the duckboard rail we strongly suggest using stainless steel.

Custom Duckboard Rails?

We specialise in custom duckboard rails as this gives you the best value for money, not only do our custom made duckboard rails give you the required protection and extra features you need, but they can also be designed to give you the exact look you’re after.

How do I care for my Custom Duckboard Rail?

Please check out our cleaning products page for more details.

Custom Duckboard Rails Gold Coast to Brisbane

We supply custom duckboard rails across the Gold Coast, from Brisbane down to Tweed Heads and out to the Eastern suburbs of Cleveland and Raby Bay.

Custom Duckboard Rails we have built –