Custom marine targa tops Gold Coast

Here at East Coast Stainless we have more experience in fishing than most of our competitors on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, which is an enormous benefit when designing the ultimate Custom Targa Top, including Rod Holders, Spot Light Brackets and Aerial Brackets.

What is a Marine Targa Top?

Targa is a variation on the word targe which means shield.

A targa top is primarily used to shield you, your family and your friends from the elements above like the sun and rain. But, with a custom marine targa top we can also add features such as rod holders and spot light brackets.

Custom Targa Top – Stainless Steel or Aluminium?

Stainless steel is a mild steel which has small percentages of copper, chromium and sometimes nickel added in order to make a very strong steel that is does not rust much. Marine grade stainless steel 316 contains more nickel and is even more rust resistant.

Aluminium does not corrode as quickly as some other metals but it does corrode, however it is lighter and usually cheaper than stainless steel.

Although heavier and more expensive than Aluminium, marine stainless steel is stronger and lasts longer, therefore usually the best choice for making marine targa tops from.

Difference between a Marine Targa Top and a Bimini Top –

There is often quite a bit of confusion between what is a bimini top and what is a marine targa top, this is because they both have similar primary purposes (to protect against the sun and rain) and can vary in designs.

The main differences between targa’s and bimini’s to note are –

  • Targa tops allow more space around the edges of the boat which is great when you catch a tricky fish,
  • Bimini’s normally do not have extras like rod holders attached,
  • Targa tops normally offer more coverage, and
  • Frame design, take a look at our gallery below and our Bimini Top gallery to see how they differ.

Custom Boat Targa Top?

We specialise in custom boat targa tops as we believe these give you the best value for money, not only do our custom targa tops give you the required protection, but they can also be styled to your liking and give you the exact look you are after.

Can I keep the Custom Targa Top on my boat whilst I am transporting it on a trailer?

We can usually build custom targa tops to fold down so please discuss this with us if it is something you require.

How do I care for my Targa Top?

Please check out our cleaning products page for more details.

Custom Targa Top Gold Coast to Brisbane

We supply custom targa tops across the Gold Coast, from Tweed Heads up to Brisbane and out to the Eastern suburbs of Raby Bay and Cleveland.

Examples of Custom Targa Tops we have built –