Custom stainless awnings Gold Coast

Stainless Steel Awnings are very beneficial to help keep our family & friends protected from the suns UV Rays. They help support covers, clears and screens that can close up the boats while they are in a mooring.

What is a Stainless Steel Awning?

Stainless steel awnings are a solid frame which has a primary purpose of supporting a material cover to protect you, your family and friends from the sun and rain.

The awning frame can also support clears and screens for more protection from wind and rain and things like rod holders can even be added to make it more functional.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a mild steel which has small percentages of copper, chromium and sometimes nickel added in order to make a very strong steel that is does not rust much. Marine grade stainless steel 316 contains more nickel and is even more rust resistant.

Although heavier than Aluminium it is stronger and therefore usually the best choice for making marine awnings from.

Types of Stainless Steel Marine Awnings –

Rear Awning: This style of awning attaches to the cockpit to get the most coverage of the back deck, protecting you, your family and your friends from the sun.
Flybridge Rear Awning: Attaching to the back of a Flybridge Hard Top, this awning gives a stylish look while providing protection from the elements to everyone and everything.
Extension Rear Awning: This awning attaches to an existing Bimini, extending the undercover area and therefore providing more protection from the sun and rain.
Euro Awning: This style of marine awning is a very popular option, it is very easy to install and provides even more coverage than a Rear Awning. Euro awnings are attached to a Cockpit roof or Rear Awning to cover the back deck.

Custom Made Stainless Steel Awnings?

We specialise in custom stainless steel awnings as we believe these give you the best value for money, not only do our custom made stainless steel marine awnings give you the required protection, but they can also be styled to your liking and give you the exact look you are after.

Can I keep the Marine Awning on my boat whilst I am transporting it on a trailer?

We can usually build custom boat awnings to be permanent or detachable so please discuss this with us if it is something specific you require.

How do I care for my Stainless Steel Awning?

Please check out our cleaning products page for more details.

Custom Stainless Steel Awnings Gold Coast to Brisbane

We supply custom marine awnings across the Gold Coast, from Tweed Heads up to Brisbane and out to the Eastern suburbs of Raby Bay and Cleveland.

Examples of Stainless Steel Marine Awnings we have custom built –

IMG_2305 IMG_2304 IMG_2306