What is a Stainless Steel Davit?

A davit is system which is used to lower and lift your tender into and out of the water easily, even whilst travelling. Our davits are made from stainless steel to provide strength, longevity and style.

Davits are also a great place to mount extras like solar panels, wind generators, TV aerials and GPS aerials.

Why our Davits are made from Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a mild steel which has small percentages of chromium, copper and nickel added in order to make it a very strong steel which does not often rust if taken care of properly. Marine grade stainless steel 316 contains more nickel and is even more rust resistant.

Custom Stainless Steel Davits?

Not all vessels can use off the shelf davits and even those which can don’t need to. We specialise in custom stainless steel davits as we believe these give you the best value for money.

Not only do our custom made stainless steel davits give you the required functionality and extra mounts mention above, but they can also be designed and styled to your liking in order to give you the exact look you are after, please note that due to safety reasons there are some limitations on the designs.

How do I care for my Stainless Steel Davit?

Please check out our cleaning products page for more details.

Custom Stainless Steel Davits Gold Coast to Brisbane

We design and build custom davits for clients across the Gold Coast, from Tweed Heads up to Brisbane and out to the Eastern suburbs of Raby Bay and Cleveland.

Examples of Stainless Steel Davits we have custom builtĀ are coming soon