Custom marine awnings Gold Coast

We understand how important it is to keep your family safe and boat awnings are a great way to help keep our family & friends protected from damaging UV Rays.

What is a Boat Awning?

Boat awnings are basically a canvas cover supported by a solid frame which has a primary purpose of protecting you, your family and friends from the sun and rain.

The boat awning attaches to another overhead structure or frame such as the ones described below.

What are Boat Awnings made from?

Our custom marine awnings are made from a breathable acrylic canvas which allows air to circulate, but is also water and UV resistant. The canvas we use is mildew and rot resistant and is one of the best canvas materials used in the marine industry.

Types of Marine Awnings –

Rear Awning: This type of awning is attached to the cockpit in order to get the maximum coverage of the back deck, protecting you, your family and your friends from the rain and sun.
Extension Rear Awning: This boat awning attaches to an existing Bimini top and extends the undercover area, therefore providing more protection from the rain and sun.
Flybridge Rear Awning: Once attached to the back of a Flybridge Hard Top, apart from providing protection from the elements this awning also adds a stylish look to you boat.
Euro Awning: Euro awnings are attached to a Cockpit roof or Rear Awning to cover the back deck. This style of marine awning is a particularly popular option, it’s easy to install and provides more coverage than a Rear Awning.

Custom Boat Awnings?

We specialise in custom boat awnings because we know how important it is to make your boat exactly how you want it, not only do our custom marine awnings give you the required protection, but they can also be styled to your liking and give you the particular look you are after.

Can I keep the Marine Awning on my boat whilst I am transporting it on a trailer?

We can usually build custom boat awnings to be permanent or detachable so please discuss this with us if it is something you require.

How do I care for my Marine Awning?

Never wash the marine awning in a washing machine, the best way to clean it is to use a soft bristle brush with fresh water and if this does not work then we also stock cleaning products to help with removing dirt and grime.

If you are unsure please ask us before using any cleaning solutions on your marine awning as these can reduce the life of the fabric.

Allow the cover to completely dry before storing it.

Custom Boat Awnings Gold Coast to Brisbane

We supply custom boat awnings across the Gold Coast, from Tweed Heads up to Brisbane and out to the Eastern suburbs of Raby Bay and Cleveland.

Examples of custom made marine awnings –