Custom bow covers Gold Coast

We design and make custom bow covers for most types of boats, in particular larger luxury vessels

What is a Bow Cover?

This may be no surprise to you, but a bow cover is a cover which is designed to cover the bow of the boat. It may be a single or multiple pieces of material which are attached at several points to provide protection from the elements above.

Apart from giving direct protection to anyone on the bow of the boat, bow covers offer the ability to open hatches whilst it is raining and also keep the temperatures down in the forward cabin on hot days.

What are bow covers made from?

Like many of our other covers (Bimini tops, rubber duck covers, boat covers ETC.)   our bow covers are made from a breathable acrylic canvas which allows air to circulate, but is also water and UV resistant. The material is compact, easy store when not in use and is mildew and rot resistant. Because we know our clients only want the best, we only use the leading canvas materials in the marine industry.

Custom Bow Covers?

By making your custom bow cover fit perfectly we are able to provide you with exactly what is needed and therefore the best value for the best price. Our custom bow covers fit better than generic covers and tarps, therefore reducing any movement in the covers and providing better protection.

By getting a custom made bow cover you are also able to nominate any special requirements such as particular straps, zips or even pockets.

How do I care for my bow cover?

Normally a hose with good pressure is enough to clean your bow cover, but for tougher grim and stains check out our cleaning products page.

Custom Bow Covers Gold Coast to Brisbane

We supply custom bow covers across the Gold Coast, from Tweed Heads up to Brisbane and out to the Eastern suburbs of Raby Bay and Cleveland.

Looking for a bow cover repairer on the Gold Coast?

We also repair damaged bow covers across the Gold Coast and Brisbane, and if it cannot be repaired we can make an exactly replica for you

Examples of bow covers we have custom made –